About Us

The James Hood family is one of dreamers, musicians, innovators, and artists who strive to leave the world a better place. We want to extend the experience beyond the theatre and have curated a collection of meaningful gifts. Whether you are looking to relive your Beautifica experience with a thoughtful memento or a unique gift for a loved one, our products embody our values of sustainability, ethical growth, and creating positive social impact.


These products fall into four keystones:
Play, Remember, Dream, Discover.


James Hood is a renowned musical and visual pioneer. His inspiring, varied musical resume includes drumming for Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame albums, The Pretenders. James is also the mastermind behind the groundbreaking ambient/electronica act, Moodswings. The musical odyssey continued in 2018 with the global release of James’ hypnotic third album. Mesmerica is an exploration of new sonic territories and rhythmic textures within James’ signature soundscapes.


With the blockbuster success of Mesmerica, James Hood envisioned another dynamic, entrancing journey with Beautifica in 2022. This time a celebration of life through a multidimensional immersive experience. It takes audiences through worlds real and imagined, reconnecting with a pure appreciation for the joie de vivre, or the joy of life itself.