Rotating Crystal Projection Table Lamp

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Elevate your space with the enchanting beauty of our Crystal Table Lamp. This exquisite lamp combines the timeless elegance of crystals with the captivating allure of vibrant colors. Prepare to be captivated as this lamp effortlessly transforms any room into a kaleidoscope of stunning hues.

With its rotating feature, our Crystal Table Lamp creates a mesmerizing display of dancing lights, casting enchanting patterns across your walls. Experience the freedom to personalize your lighting atmosphere with the built-in RGB color-changing technology.

Choose from a wide spectrum of colors to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you're looking for a warm, cozy glow or a vibrant burst of energy, our Crystal Table Lamp has the perfect shade to match your desires.

Features: Color changing with 16 colors effects, Rechargeable

Wattage: 3W Dimensions: 7.7" x 3" x 10.7"

Weight: 1.8lbs